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Making livestock data work to drive value to your operation

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The ability to collect animal data at an individual level, using eID and associated technologies, provides the opportunity to focus on improving individual animal  traits that will drive value into your business and also validate the improvements have been achieved. 


Starting with the correct technology, process and expertise for your business will ensure the time and money invested will provide data that can be effectively used for decision making.

By following the methodology developed by RDMS you can ensure you will build a Precision Livestock Management Program that drives your livestock improvement goals and delivers value to your business.

Explore our full range of services and then contact Mike for a discussion on how we can help make your data work for you.

About Us


Our Aim

To deliver value to clients by making livestock data work as part of their process, not an additional process.

Our Philosophy

Data is an asset -  it needs to be properly designed, built, used and maintained to ensure it is a value adding component of the business. 

Our Approach

We work with you on your farm to identify the value for your business in using individual eID livestock data; then help you to organize your data and equipment to achieve your goals.