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The Rural data management services Methodology

Rural Data Management Services has developed a structured 6 stage process to assist you to drive value for your business from your livestock eID data.  We believe that data is an asset, and like your tractor, it needs to be properly designed, built and maintained, but most importantly, used to provide data based decisions to improve your livestock returns.

The following outlines the full approach that RDMS recommends be undertaken at the commencement of a livestock eID data program.  The same method can also be undertaken in reviewing and reconciling existing programs

Keep it simple, start small and build scope and complexity as your confidence grows.

Methodology Overview


A clear understanding of why you are collecting data and what value it brings to the business keeps focus on doing the things that matter


What reports and analytics do you need to make decisions to achieve your goals.  Therefore what data do you need to collect to get the reports and analytics.


Do you want to be self sufficient in data collection and analysis or do you want to outsource part or all of the process.


What equipment and software do you need and how do you incorporate this into your current processes


Train your people and implement the program.  Get your suppliers onboard as well.


Review the program on a regular basis to ensure it is delivering the value required.  Reviews should take place annually and after each activity to identify improvement opportunities.

Contact Mike for a discussion on how this methodology can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation.

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