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RDMS provides a range of livestock data collection & data management services from development and implementation of a full Precision Livestock Management (PLM) plan using our 6 step methodology through to one off data collection activities. 

We pride ourselves on being able to work across all the major equipment and software options and are constantly updating our knowledge to ensure we are able to recommend the most appropriate solution for your operation.

RDMS can also provide information or training sessions to small groups on various aspects of PLM and the equipment and software involved.  These are provided free to producer groups.

The sections below outline our available services.  If there are other aspects you wish to discuss do not hesitate to contact us.

A typical setup for fleece weighing using both client & RDMS  equipment
A typical setup for fleece weighing using both client & RDMS equipment

Commercial Flock Services

Development of a PLM plan to meet your operational objectives

Maintenance of individual animal data for

  • Birth traits, bloodline
  • Growth rate, condition, mating
  • Year on year reproduction
  • Fleece weight & quality (micron, CF etc)

On farm and remote assistance for

  • Establishing working data collection equipment & processes 
  • Data collection using client or RDMS equipment
  • Transferring data between equipment and computers
  • Analysis of data

Use of Flock DNA Profiling and RAM SELECT for sire selection to drive flock profit drivers.

Stud Flock Services

Development of PLM plan to meet your breeding objectives

Maintenance of individual animal data per commercial flocks plus

  • Sire & Dam Pedigree
  • DNA
  • Parenting including use of Bluetooth collars or DNA
  • Classing classifications

Data preparation and uploading to breed databases from software package of your choice

Managing process to obtain ASBVs and download for analysis

Production of ram sale & semen catalogues

Setup of software to display data for classing and then collect classifications and actions

Assistance with MATESEL usage

Equipment Hire

The following equipment is available for hire, with or without RDMS personnel

  • Gallagher TWR5 weigh scale & data collector
  • Gallagher panel reader
  • Gallagher HR5 v2 Tag reader
  • Tru-Test XR5000 indicator 
  • Tru-Test XRS2  tag reader 
  • Barcode reader
  • Barcode printer
  • Fleece weigh table
  • Auto read tag boards

The equipment can be used for fleece weighing, drafting and classing and will connect into a range of existing weigh crates and drafters for animal weighing and auto-drafting.

Contact us for availability and pricing for your requirements.

Software Assistance

RDMS can provide assistance with the following software via phone, remote computer connection or on farm as required -

  •  Excel
  •  Practical Systems Stockbook
  •  Sapien Koolcollect & Koolperform
  •  Pedigree Master
  •  BreedELITE
  •  Sheep Genetics website

Assistance includes

  •  Maintenance of the data in the package of your choice
  •  Generation of custom indexes and analysis of decision making
  •  Preparation of files for uploading to data collection equipment
  •  Transferring of files between computer and data collectors
  •  Preparation and uploading of data to Sheep Genetics
  •  Setup of equipment for data collection and classing display sessions